Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I Join A Trip On My Own?

Why Is Your West Coast Trail Package $100 More Than The Other Options?

What Is Included In Your Trips?

Is There An Age Restriction?

Why Book With BCA Tours Over Other Companies?

Is There A Group Discount Rate?

What If I Don't Have My Own Gear?

What If I Have A Food Allergy Or Dietary Restriction?

What Is Your Cancellation And Refund Policy If My Schedule Changes?

Why Would I Book To Do A Hike With A Guide Vs. Hike On My Own?

What Type Of Tents Do You Supply?

What If My Family Needs To Get A Hold Of Me While We Are Out On The Trail?

What Kind Of Shape Do I Need To Be In?

Is There Somewhere I Can Leave My Luggage While We Are Out Hiking?

Are There Any Hotels You Work With That Offer Discount Rates For Pre & Post Trip Accommodation?