It's All About the Bag

It's All About the Bag

June 26, 2018

There's no question that living an active outdoors lifestyle leads to the accumulation of a significant amount of... stuff. Through the years growing as adventurers, guides, and as a family we have certainly used and abused our share of outdoor gear, but now in our 6th season as guides and business owners we think we have figured out the perfect balance of quality and comfort. When embarking on a multi-day hiking trip like the West Coast Trail, one of the first and foremost things to consider is the pack, and we've seen (and tried) it all.

You borrow the pack that your older brother took on his gap year travels to Europe 12 years ago - it's way too big for you and you end up with chaffed hips, a sore neck, and soggy clothes.

You decide to "pack light" by bringing only a small day pack, but then end up hanging all the stuff that doesn't fit inside onto the outside of your pack.

Or perhaps the worst of them all, you bring a pack that is much larger than required, and end up filling it with clothes that you don't need, or carrying all the gear that doesn't fit in your friends pack because you've got so much extra room! 

For the past few years we have partnered with Osprey Packs, and could not be happier with their product. We've carried their packs on The West Coast Trail countless times now and they have met all of our style and quality requirements. All of our guides carry Osprey, and we have a full run of sizes in Men's, Women's, and Youth packs from the Osprey lineup available for rent. Of course, it is not necessary for guests to use our packs, but "what kind of pack should I use?" is one of the most frequent questions we receive from guests in the planning stages of their trip. How big should my pack be? How much will it weigh? What do I need to bring?

 We want every hiker to have the best experience possible, and when it comes to backpacks (and packing them) we know what we're doing! We give each guest a detailed list of exactly what they NEED to bring...right down to the last pair of underwear, and we also give tutorials on HOW to pack their bags. Learning how to utilize space, and distribute weight evenly can make all the difference!

We are especially happy with Osprey Packs because of their custom, anatomic fits that conform to all different body shapes. Whether you have wide hips, long legs, a short torso, broad shoulders...there is an Osprey Pack that will feel like it was made for you! The quality of the product is second to none, and Osprey is a company that stands behind their product with lifetime guarantees. We are happy to have Osprey on our backs, and to share the product we love with our guests!


For more information about Osprey Packs, or to see our other partnerships check out our Partners and Friends page.

If you'd like to fill your pack and join us on one of our guided hikes on The West Coast Trail, North Coast Trail, or Rockwall Trail this summer drop us a line at  

Happy Packing!