What's for Breakfast?

What's for Breakfast?

September 26, 2018

Something smells good in the BCA Tours test kitchen! 

It's hard to believe but we are already busy preparing our meals for our 2018 hiking season! A lot of time and effort goes into feeding over 100 guests and guides each summer. Our average group consists of 10 people hiking for 5-7 days.. we prepare 3 meals and 3 snacks per person each day, and multiply that by upwards of a dozen trips per season. We aren't mathematicians but we've crunched some numbers and conclude that's a whole lot of food prep! 

We get a lot of great feedback from our previous guests of our West Coast Trail guided hikes about the quality of our meals, and it makes us really proud to know that all our hard work in the kitchen allows our guests to enjoy their West Coast Trail experience that much more! If you've been on one of our guided hikes of the West Coast Trail with us before, you know the drill - our lunches and dinners are always homemade, nutritious, and satisfying; our breakfasts - quick and convenient to get you moving! 
In an effort to consistently improve our product, Talia has been busy creating several varieties of homemade baked breakfast granola with hot milk to replace our old standby of instant oatmeal in the morning. We've tried and tested many batches over the past few weeks and have landed on 3 tasty flavours that pack a high energy, nutrient dense punch! We feel that little changes can make a big difference, and we think our guests hiking the West Coast Trail, North Coast Trail and Rockwall Trail with us this summer will appreciate the extra effort of a tasty homemade breakfast.
So for all you crunchy granola loving hikers out there, we can't wait to share some breakfast with you out on the trail! Whether you are hiking the West Coast Trail with us, or planning a backcountry adventure of your own, we will be regularly sharing more of our food preparations and other inspiring and informative highlights to get you geared up for the season on our blog, so check back often!


Happy Trails!

Danny, Talia, and the team at BCA Tours.