Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

BCA Tours’ food philosophy is simple; provide nutritious, tasty, and sustaining meals that maintain high energy levels and support each hiker’s body with the power to tackle any trail!

In the early days of BCA Tours, Danny and Talia knew that food was going to be a big part of their mission. Their offering sets them apart from other tour operators, but there is also a significant family history in not only guiding guests in the mountains, but preparing food for them as well. Talia’s grandparents George and Lilian Evanoff were what you may call pioneers in the backcountry guiding business. George built a cabin in the Northern Rockies of British Columbia and hosted groups from all over the world to remote backcountry skiing vacations. While the guests were playing in the powder, Lilian would slave over a wood stove in the cabin preparing home cooked meals, even baking fresh pies for the skiers to replenish on at the end of their day.

Talia remembers visiting Grandma and Grandpas house every summer as a young child, and marveling at the planning and organization as they prepared food and gear for their upcoming ski seasons. She was particularly intrigued by the handmade food dehydrator that seemed to constantly be full with a rotation of spaghetti sauce, chili, beans, dried fruits and other goodies. Not knowing that it would come in so handy at the time, Talia learned invaluable lessons in the importance of nutritious food in the mountains, and how beneficial dehydrating can be, especially when packing for multi-day wilderness expeditions!

It goes without saying that some 20 years later Talia was thrilled to receive the food dehydrator that her Grandparents used for so many years as a gift.

As a registered nutritionist, and a self-proclaimed foodie, Talia takes great pride in providing and preparing meals for clients that will not only satisfy their taste buds, but more importantly provide essential nutrients that are specifically designed to help successfully power through hard days on the trail! Each and every meal is tried and tested, personally by owners Danny and Talia. And though there sadly won’t be any freshly baked pies on the trail, all of BCAs food is guaranteed to be carefully prepared with high quality, locally sourced ingredients and with specific attention to nutrition and dietary needs.

It is a privilege for Talia and Danny both to be able to carry on the family legacy of guiding (and eating) in the wilderness of British Columbia!

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