Darryl & Jamie M - Alberta, Canada

What an amazing experience, exceeding our expectations!

Not only is BCA tours professional, reliable, and organized, they create a comfortable and relaxing team-based environment. The food Talia prepared was delicious and healthy- absolutely amazing and unique. Both Talia and Fraser were extremely knowledgeable about the trail, vegetation, hiking and went out of their way to constantly attend to the whole group and team.

Equipment rentals were top of the line, and any questions we had were answered timely and appropriately. We will highly recommend BCA tours to family and friends, and honestly can’t want to book with them again. Our world is enlightened to a love for the outdoors we came back from our trip feeling inspired, purposeful, and grateful beyond worlds to BCA tours. Thank you so much


Valdemar, Phillip, Sofie, Emilie, Christian and Clara S. - Denmark


We are 4 siblings (13, 14, 15 and 16 years old) from Denmark who did the West Coast Trail with 4 adults. Our mom and dad and our two guides Ryan and Fraiser.

We were of course worried about our parents and if they could complete… haha just joking, they a very fit! - And such as us, they did an awesome job!

It all started the 4th of July where we stared hiking with our backpacks and hiking poles. The gear was practical, amazing quality, and very considered. Even though our parents complained a bit about the weight, did none of us suffer from injuries, blisters or problems with the back or shoulders, thanks to the gear! So, all of us were absolutely impressed of the gear that BCA TOURS borrowed us.

And the trail continued: Up the ladders, up another ladder and then up seven more ladders, continuing through the overgrown forest, through the mud, over a bridge, through even deeper mud, balancing over the planks, down a ladder, a cable car over the river, down a ladder, through the mud, down another section of ladders, down to the beach, walking in the deep sand, walking on shelves, on the boulders, crossing the river, ending in our camp and repeating the day after.

Of course, we cannot forget the breaks, were we enjoyed Talia’s incredible “snack bags”. Just all her food was amazing. At home our parents can be a bit picky about what they eat, but they really enjoyed all the food as well. The only problem was that we had to explain our parents that they only could eat one of Talia’s granolas a day.

So, we were a happy, full and a little tired family. As we came home we considered that two people of the group did more than the others, and we grudgingly admit that they were a bit cooler through the trip. That was our guides Ryan and Fraiser.

We had an amazing time with these two professional, inspiring, kind, funny and super cool guides. They taught us so much, and inspired us in the way they lived their life. We had an amazing time around the fire that Fraiser put up for us, were we ate Talia’s delicious gourmet food, that Ryan prepared for us. And we were talking, laughing and just having a great time there. And our parents got to practice a lot of speaking English with the guides, and they were getting better every day.

Overall did we have an amazing trip. So many memories that we’ll never forget. Even though we experienced bad weather and had our ups and downs did we enjoy our trip to the fullest and our parents are of course very proud of themselves when they now are able to tell all their friends that they did the West Coast Trail.

Thank you, BCA TOURS, we had a wonderful time. And we will hike back to you SOON!

Peace love and positive mental attitude from the Danish family with the two parents

Deborah & Swen - Idaho, USA

On a North Coast Trail trip with six clients, Danny Page was our guide and he conducted a flawless trip with only positive experiences. The fabulous scenery in wild country combined with comfortable camping were outstanding. Talia’s food was fabulous and plentiful. Seeing bears at a distance and wolves up close added to the trip.The hiking is, as described, strenuous. In our experience the trail segment descriptions were appropriate, starting out rugged and getting easier towards the end of the hike. As this trip involves substantial connection logistics, we highly recommend the use of the BCA guide service. The North Coast Trail is growing in popularity. Hurry and make this hike while the new sections of the trail retain their rugged character.

Wanda D - Alberta, Canada

Where does one start in reviewing an experience with so many components? Let’s start from the beginning…. Danny, you were so easy to reach via email, and I really appreciated how you happily answered so many questions ranging from hiking pace to bag weight and volume limits and rental possibilities. Before the trip began I felt comfortable that all of my questions were taken seriously and answered thoroughly. This was only my 2nd backpacking trip so I had many questions! The time you and Fraser spent with us in Bamfield, was also appreciated. I’m glad that you confiscated my giant (and heavy) poop shovel, as that was not even needed (thankfully, there were many more outhouses than I expected). I also appreciate your decisiveness in strongly recommending that I choose between my trail runners and sandals (and not take both) – I had no idea what 41 lbs feels like after 6 days!

Danny and Fraser, you two are an awesome duo and you complement each other’s styles very nicely. When I think of you, Danny, the words that come to mind are, “professional, safety-minded, and kind”. A person cannot help but see that part of your life philosophy is all about treating people with kindness and respect. This was so evident in your interactions with our group, with the Park officials, the Trail Guardians and other hikers. I appreciated your word choice the first time I heard you say “First Nations People”. As they say, you attract what you put out there – I could tell the respect goes both ways – thinking about the Park official Kyle and how he delivered our hiking poles. My friend and I forgot our poles at the end of the trail (before the ferry ride), and during our lunch in Port Renfrew, a Parks Canada guy drove the poles over to our lunch spot. It was obvious that this Parks guy thought very highly of you, Danny. Another example that stands out occurred after our group swim in the ocean at Thrasher. I got out of the water and was frozen – there was hot tea available, but I could not find my thermos... I really wanted a hot tea to take with me while I sat on some warm rocks in the sun. After looking for my thermos for a bit, I hear Danny say, “Here, take this cup”. It was his own camp cup. Danny quickly finished his coffee and then offered up his own cup. Talk about kindness – a gesture like that really makes you feel like family (his own camp cup!).

Danny, you were always very organized with a plan for each day, a plan that was flexible enough to tweak when needed. I thought you were the perfect head guide with your organization, safety-first attitude and your kindness.

Every head guide needs an assistant! We sure lucked out having Fraser as part of our team. Fraser, you are obviously a skilled hiker with your strength and athleticism… but what impressed me most was your endless patience, your supportive attitude and your willingness to engage in real conversations. Di and I were at the back of the pack (ok, sometimes in a separate sub-group), and Fraser, you would walk with us and talk with us, providing tips and strategies while never making us feel rushed. Your sense of humour had us smiling even when we were suffering! You kept me on my toes as I was sometimes not quite sure when to take you seriously and when you were kidding! Fraser, I really appreciated your quick wit (you are damn funny), your big smile and your peaceful and calm demeanor… keep feeding those specific wolves! You are so great in your guiding role with your support and encouragement. I have a feeling it means more than you know to people who are really struggling.

Talia, thank-you for the great meals and snacks. I’m impressed by what you can do with a dehydrator! Every time we’d say, “Thanks for a great meal, Danny!”, He’d say, “Thank Talia, she’s the one who looked after all of the food”. So, Talia, it was like you were there with us for all of the meals. I can see that Danny really values your partnership. I look forward to meeting you at some point.

One of my favourite things on this trip were the real conversations. When you spend 24/7 with a group in such a beautiful setting it’s interesting what comes up in conversations. I feel like we had some meaningful conversations and jumped from strangers to friends quite quickly. My other favourite thing was laughing. There seemed to be one point everyday where I laughed so hard that I cried. This is not common for me (but I love it when that happens – and sorry for that 5:40am giggle-fest!). Obviously, we were out of our comfort zone, but in a good way. (And my other favourite things were the physical activity, the amazing scenery and seeing what our minds/bodies were capable of).

If I were to rate Danny, Fraser and Talia, I’d give you guys 6 stars out of 5. I saw something on your website about you guys wanting to blow your competition out of the water with your customer service…. Well, I can certainly say that you surpassed all of my expectations. Our week on the WCT was beautiful, tiring, engaging and memorable. I can easily say that I’d highly recommend BCA tours and the West Coast Trail! Thanks for making this a really great experience!

Denise S - Washington, USA

Kudos to Danny Page, co- owner of BCA Tours, for guiding yet another challenging, character-building 5-day adventure on the North Coast Trail.

A few years ago I completed the West Coast Trail with Danny and company. It was Totally Awesome! I say character- building because the NCT was full of it! The trail involved carefully negotiating each step on shoreline river rock; climbing over piles of driftwood the size of big trees and not so big trees; scooting over and around large basalt rocks while listening to the roar of the Pacific Ocean; squishing in and out of bogs in the forest; along with climbing up and over tree roots and wet, mossy logs. Occasionally we were pleasantly surprised with a nice relaxing trek along a boardwalk.

What more could an adventuresome trekker ask for? On day one, when the boat taxi nosed in to the rocky Cape Sutil shore to drop us off, there was an OMG moment and it was all systems go! Through it all Danny was a professional. He was positive, personable, encouraging and calm, which made the mind-over-matter challenging times safe and achievable. The trip dynamics were well thought out. The group comradery was comfortable, friendly and fun. We were in good hands from beginning to end. Another forever memory! Thank you Danny and BCA Tours. Well done!

Robin A - British Columbia, Canada

I would recommend BCA Tours to any of my friends and family. Kelly and I had such an awesome week on the trail. We started by staying in a gorgeous B&B in Port Renfrew and had a chance to get to know our fellow trail-mates. Jessica and Chris were experienced, so friendly, helpful and accommodating to our group of 8 women! The meals were top-notch. The whole tour was very well organized and totally doable for our group. Thank you ever so much

Sharon H - Alberta, Canada

What an amazing trip! The BCA Tours West Coast Trail trip was everything I dreamed of and more. The guides (Jess and Chris) were easy to get along with and quite knowledgeable – it was apparent early on that we would be able to trust them to get us down the trail safely.

The rented gear, in my case a single MSR tent was perfect for the task – light weight and easy to set up.

The food was nutritious and delicious. It was such a pleasure to not have to think about food preparation on this trip – Jess and Chris did a great job making sure we were taken care of at meal time. I particularly enjoyed the sweet potato and chick pea curry!

We lucked out and had both amazing weather and an incredible group to hike with. Thank you so much for such a well-executed trip, I would definitely head out on the trial with BCA Tours again.

Mike C - England

Very well organized and professional. The BCA Tours meals were excellent – easily the best dehydrated meals that I’ve ever tasted. And the granola, trail-mix and flapjacks were pretty good too! Many thanks to Danny and Georgia for a great week. I would have no hesitation in recommending BCA Tours to anyone who wants to hike the West Coast Trail.

Julie B - Alberta, Canada

I went on the WCT trip June 23-29 with Chris and Lenny. I was a solo and was very grateful for the company and expertise that Lenny provided. Chris was enthusiastic, helpful and very fun as well. It was fantastic to be able to share my experience with other people at the end of the day, something I wouldn’t have had if I went alone! I also felt very secure with Lenny’s guidance and experience- helping us navigate, and solve issues that came up allowed me to enjoy my trip without worry. He was fun to be around, and so interesting to listen to and learn from.

The food was amazing as well. I felt satiated and energized the entire time and never ever deprived. The flavours were incredible, especially considering we were out on the trail!

Booking and payment was easy and straightforward and I appreciated how easy it was to get in contact with you.

Of course, the trail was phenomenal, an experience I’ll never forget and intend to repeat. Thanks for the amazing experience and I look forward to more trips with you guys in the future.

Kent P - Ontario, Canada

We had a terrific time but want to comment on our guides Jessica and Chris who went above and beyond to help make the hike a memory of fun, laughter and success. I cut my hand on a rusty nail traversing a log and Jess was quick to dress the wound on a daily basis. I required some extra help in navigating some of the difficult spots and Chris was most helpful. They are a great team and excellent sponsors for your company. Thanks again for the experience.

Liz B - British Columbia, Canada

Although I hike once in a while (nothing at this level mind you) I was very surprised at how challenging I found the trip – in every sense of the word. A lot of the terrain was tough - boulders and log bridges were the toughest for me (I learned I have a fear of heights). Our guides were Jessica and Chris; both of whom were amazing! They were organized, attentive, funny, respectful and very knowledgeable about the whole trip. Most importantly, they were very, very patient with all of us. They made this trip truly enjoyable for me and trust me – that’s a big deal.

Would I do this again? Nope! Not for all the money in the world. Am I glad I did it? Absolutely - without a doubt. Do I recommend doing it with BCA Tours? Yes! They did not miss a beat. From my first conversation with Danny to the moment I was dropped off at my hotel at the end, BCA Tours was spot on. This adventure was everything I wanted (careful what you wish for) and then some. I learned so much about myself and I will have the memories forever, thanks to Jessica, Chris and BCA Tours.


Chris T - Alberta, Canada

Great knowledgable guides and an amazing experience all around! As an avid hiker and camper it was so good having guides that could provide more information about the history of the trails, time the hikes so that I could get the maximum experience and see everything that we possibly could have on the West Coast Trail.

And then there's the food. This trip has changed the way I think about hiking provisions: Talia's menu items are creative, delicious, and provides just the right amount of energy needed to power through a hard day of hiking.

If you are looking to hike the West Coast Trail and want a guide I strongly recommend BCA Tours!

Alisha P - Alberta, Canada

I truly cannot say enough positive things about BCA Tours and my recent hike on the WCT!

From the first e-mail I sent, Danny and Talia were amazing! I especially appreciated the packing list and tips that were provided prior to the trip.

Our guides, Lenny and Frazer, were awesome and complimented each other well. They provided reassurance, insight and humor along the trail. I haven’t laughed that hard on a daily basis in a long time!

The FOOD is reason enough alone to do this hike! Talia’s menus are incredible and always seem to hit the hunger spot.

I have and will continue to recommend BCA to anyone wanting to hike the WCT. I fully intent to take another tour with this first-class company!

Thank you BCA!

Halyna P - Canada

This trip far exceeded my expectations. From the moment we were picked up, the guides (Lenny and Fraser) and Danny made the group feel welcome, and relaxed. The guides did a wonderful job of setting the tone and the pace for the week. They thought of everything; and were knowledgable, organized and hilarious. I could not have asked for a better group of people and leaders to do the WCT with.

Thanks BCA Tours for creating an memorable and smooth experience from start to finish. I will (and have been) highly recommending your tours, and I hope to participate in another trip that is offered by BCA Tours!

Bruce T - Alberta, Canada

My trip with BCA Tours was the first of this kind that I’d done. I am inexperienced in overnight hiking and appreciated the knowledge, guidance and planning that BCA Tours offered. It was so enjoyable to have no worries about the logistics of food, safety, tide schedules, transportation and trail preparations. I registered for the West Coast Trail hike as a solo hiker, and found this was not an issue as we had a terrific group that approached the hike and challenges as a team. Our guides, Lenny and Fraser, were excellent and always reviewed with our group what to expect. Taking into consideration the meals, guides, transportation, and trail fees, the price is excellent value! The experience of hiking this challenging, rugged and remarkable trail was amazing.

Celine R - Alberta, Canada

Just recently went back for fun with BCA tours as a vacation and completed WCT a 2nd time. We had Jesica guiding as well as Kevin- they rocked it. Hands down was an amazing trip- our group flowed really well, guides had a great sense of humour and knowledge and made the experience absolutely stellar. I originally did this trip the summer of my 18th and absolutely loved it. Best money I've ever spent. Met some pretty amazing women in my group and Danny of course was a top knotch leader! Everyone was super supportive and kind. It was a really nice group to go the 7 days with. The food was great too- props to Talia for her prep both times! Would most definitely recommend and stand behind BCA tours so many great people with this company. I cannot even account for how much these trips have meant to me. You have 8 complete strangers come together for 7-8 days, and come away with some amazing memories and friendships. It truly is an experience of a life time ❤️ .  Worth your next adventure!

Scott H - Texas, USA

I just returned from the 7-day West Coast Trail hike with BCA Tours. Wow - epic trip along 75 km of pristine Vancouver Island coastline. Danny and Len guided our 8 person crew with skill and professionalism. Talia prepared delicious, nutritious and lightweight food for the trek. The BCA team made this easy and fun for our group of hikers that had relatively little experience with such long and remote hikes. They thought of every contingency which is important given the remoteness and somewhat challenging terrain. These guys are experienced and professional. They clearly have the respect of the park officials. Thanks for helping us to create great memories!

Lisa T - British Columbia, Canada

The equipment I rented worked out great. The sleeping bag and sleeping pad were both light weight and compact but at the same time exactly what I needed. The tent was perfect too. Just the right size for the two of us and easy to set up and down. Going north to south was great too. Getting that long drive over with at the beginning and also a couple of the longer days right at the start was good. The meals were excellent. Thanks for your hard prep work, Talia! I loved the hummus! Our stops at the Crab Shack and Chez Monique's were unique experiences that will stay with me for a long time! Lenny and Fraser were a lot of fun and at the same time kept us safe and focused when necessary. The trail itself is like nothing I've ever done. The views and scenery were spectacular and never ending. I loved camping on the beaches and having a campfire every night. I honestly could have kept going for another week. I didn't want to leave at the end. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future tours with BCA Tours and plan to make this type of adventure at least an annual event!

Andre L - Alberta, Canada

Mind blown. WCT is incredible. It was made more so by BCA Tours. All I had to do was enjoy the trail and the sights. The guides took care of the time lines, the route, took the tides into consideration, and knew all the best spots to camp and to go off trail to showcase the hidden gems.

Blair & Robin - Alberta, Canada

Thank you Danny, Fraser and Talia for making this an outstanding adventure! We hiked the WCT from July 7-14 and we would highly recommend this experience to anyone considering such an opportunity. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, patient and had a great way with all members of the group. The food was tasty and satisfying. The itinerary was well planned in that we experienced something new every day and never once felt overwhelmed. We ended the hike with smiles, a few bruises :) and a desire for more adventures with BCA!

Diana G - Alberta, Canada

I just returned from an 8 adventure on the West Coast Trail with BCA Tours. This was my first backpacking trip and given the amazing experience it won’t be my last. The BCA team was wonderful from the start of our planning process back in October 2016 right through to our safe arrival in Port Renfrew on July 14, 2017. This trip was both physically and mentally trying at times and I never could have done it without the support of our guides Fraser and Danny – a huge thank you for helping me through what seemed liked never ending challenges and getting me back home safe. I will never forget it!

Glenna J - Canada

This hike was better than I imagined it would be. The planning was meticulous, the scenery was spectacular, and the guides – Lenny and Jessica — were absolutely amazing. They were pleasant, patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. My daughter and I had a fabulous time and I would definitely go again. This adventure got me hooked on backcountry hiking. But I’m sure glad I trained. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be physically and mentally prepared to take on the West Coast Trail. The training, the guides,Danny’s meticulous planning, his wife’s amazing food preparation, and Jessica’s cooking all added up to an amazing experience.

Shannon F - Vancouver, BC

When you pass other groups on the trail complaining about food--for the sake of solidarity and trail etiquette--you'll nod, furrow your brow and maybe give a little grunt, pretending to relate. But thanks to Talia (whom I only know in name and tummy joy), you'll be busy eating like WCT royalty all week.

The food is only one of the many ways this adventure with BCA Tours will delight. Being able to show up without the worry of food, transportation, accommodation, knowing the terrain, or planning for tides removes so much stress and hassle. The money spent to put my experience in the hands of BCA Tours was tremendously worthwhile.

I came away with 9 new friendships, beautiful memories, a better understanding of myself, and a new appreciation for this beautiful province I live in. This trip changed me and I'll forever be thankful to the trail, my hike mates and the staff of BCA Tours.


Tamara L - Saskatchewan, Canada

Jesica and Fraser were amazing tour guides. Both were professional, positive and made the trip such a wonderful experience. It was so refreshing to go on a trip and not have to worry about logistics. They planned the days, which allowed us to focus on the trail, taking photos and sitting back and "taking it all in".

HIGHLY recommend BCA Tours - was one of the best experiences of my life.

Tarang P - Alberta, Canada

Professional, caring, friendly, entertaining and fun tour company! Danny, Jess & Frazer made sure we had the most amazing experience while keeping us safe! During our trip, Danny and the team had to deal with Lost bags, sore backs, bumpy roads, blisters, toes, ankles, busy beach cafes, 24 hour flu and my singing! They did it in style and always with a smile! Our tour was guided by Jess and Frazer and they were awesome! Amazed with the extra touches like hot drinks as a wake-up call and their knowledge of the area and remote wilderness camping was extra special. The hike itself was challenging not only because of the distance, but add in the weight of your pack, while walking over roots, mud, rocks, boulders, river crossings, ladders, swinging bridges and wet conditions. It was nice to have professional support on my vacation. Having Jess lead us took the thinking and organizing out of the equation and allowed me to fully appreciate where I was. I would love to hike with Danny and his team again in the near future!

Sue N - Saskatchewan, Canada

I got back from hiking the West Coast Trail on Sunday. It exceeded my expectations. The hike was beautiful, amazing, challenging, gratifying..... The tour was well organized and very thing went according to schedule. 

I cannot say enough about the guides, Jessica and Kevin. They were tremendous--highly skilled, patient, encouraging, and supportive. Great senses of how humor as well. I like that the hike was spread over 7 days. The pace and time on the trail was just right, getting us into our campsite at a reasonable time to relax, set up camp, do some yoga (thanks Kristi), and enjoy being by the ocean.
The food prepared by Talia was excellent. Plenty to eat and a nice variety. Thank you.
The WCT has been on my bucket list for a while but health issues in 2015 brought the plan into action. I was very pleased to find BCA Tours and highly recommend this company for a guided adventure of a lifetime.

Alicia T - Vancouver, Canada

I recently travelled with Irie on the West Coast trail and can not say enough good things about my experience. The food was great and the guides were incredibly knowledgeable and helped me make it through the 75km hike with a smile on my face. I still felt independent carrying my own tent and gear, but it helped to have the guides carry the pots, stove and our garbage for us throughout the trek. I will never forget this experience and highly recommend this tour to others thinking about taking on the West Coast Trail!

Catherine M - Alberta, Canada

Thank you so much!! The tour was really good, and it really took a load off to know that all the prep work was done and that we had people leading us who knew the trail like the back of their hand (or the cat's meow, hehe!).  Danny and Jess were fantastic at keeping us safe and helping us through the many obstacles of the trail, and they were especially helpful with advice and tips, particularly when it came to good hiking boots. Thanks for the awesome time!

Christine A - Germany

The WCT was a great personal experience. I found everything so well planned and organized – thank you very much! For me it was the right decision to hike in a group with guides. Like this there was no stress at all about food, tempo, tide, directions and so on. In dangerous situations I felt supported by the guides. The length of the daily hikes was fine. I found most exhausting the last day and I was happy we had started in Bamfield. The training at home, before the hike, was very useful. I did not feel too tired or exhausted at any point.

The highlights? The wildlife….eagles, whales and a kind of “holy” sensation entering the area of Ditidaht.

After the hike I felt proud and in a very good physical condition, and we were very lucky with the weather!!!

Again a big THANK YOU and a lot of success with your company!

Denise S - Washington, USA

Hello Danny, Talia and company,
Thanks for guiding us on a great and inspiring WCT adventure!

You are awesome!!

Jamal R- Alberta, Canada

Just recently came back home from the WCT with BCA Tours and it was a phenomenal experience that everyone should try out. The WCT has been something I've been wanting to do for quite some time and Danny and the rest of the BCA guides were absolutely solid. BCA Tours handles all the annoying logistic items (i.e., park passes, permits, transportation, meals, etc) therefore allowing you to remain in your element, and hike an intensive but absolutely remarkable trail with an incredible group of people.

Keith P - Alberta, Canada

The Westcoast Trail, with all its mystery, challenges and dangers has always an adventure we wanted to do. When we signed on with Irie Adventure Tours to undertake this challenge we didn’t know what to expect, being that we typically plan and hike without guides.

From the minute they picked us up in Victoria at our Hotel as strangers, to the final heart felt goodbyes as Friends, we felt safe with Irie Adventure Tours. The knowledge and preparedness of Danny and the rest of the Irie Staff was apparent from day one. The few concerns we had starting the trail were easily diminished by the beauty of the surroundings and confidence at which Danny and Len lead our group.

Through all the challenges Irie Adventure Tours, made the hike easier. When you thought you could not go any further, Irie helped show you what was around the next bend, reigniting your need for adventure.

The snacks and meals prepared by Talia at Irie Adventure Tours, were satisfying and delicious. The daily ration of snacks (trail mix, homemade energy bars and dried fruit) were never enough, as we could not get enough of the amazingly delicious and legendary power of the energy bars that helped give you that fuel to finish out the day.

The challenges of bouldering of rocky sections, negotiating mud, roots and sand, while battling the temperate rainforests constantly changing weather make this hike challenging, but worth every step.

The nightly beach camps, lush forests and never-ending dramatic Westcoast scenery, make this hike legendary and world class.

We would and have already recommended Irie Adventure Tours to friends, and complete strangers we heard talking about the West Coast Trail. After one hike with Irie you have met a group of people that you will call friends, not just another company of hiking guides.

Thank you Irie and Keep on Exploring

Kelly D- Ontario, Canada

Danny and Jessica, thank you for such a wonderful life altering experience. I have no idea how I would have done this journey without your support and guidance! There is a lot of thought and preparation that goes into the hike and I truly appreciate all that you have done. The bonus is that I did not have to fire up the stove to cook after a long days hike or figure out the tide cycles! It was truly a benefit that you knew the ins and outs of the trail.

Interesting enough…my friends and family have been asking me about my hike and what I thought about it. I am unable to put into words how I felt about it. It was truly a personal experience. I pushed myself physically and most defiantly challenged myself like I’ve never done before. So proud that I completed it!!!! As an added bonus, every day was post card like. What more can you ask for??

Loni D - Canada

Irie Adventure Tours offers the perfect mix of small business personality and big enterprise professionalism. Irie was somehow able to make hiking the West Coast Trail this summer feel simultaneously like an adventure journey with close friends and a luxury tour where all of those little details the average city kid can’t be bothered to think about, are totally taken care of. The Irie West Coast Trail experience lets you take advantage of Irie’s insider knowledge and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your route is safe, your food is well-rationed, filling and nutritious, and your camping location is the envy of all the other hikers on the trail, but at the same time, this never takes away from the challenge and intrigue of the amazing Trail itself. Irie knows when to flex its experience muscles and when to just let it be. I couldn’t think of a better way to experience one of Canada’s – and in fact the world’s – natural beauties, and would highly recommend Irie Adventure Tours to anyone looking for an experience of a lifetime on the West Coast Trail.

Scott V - Manitoba, Canada

Not being an avid hiker or camper I likely would not have planned the WCT without IRIE. The experience down to the smallest detail both on and off the trail really made the completing the WCT possible for me. Like many people of there ( I know at least 20) we read about, hear about and dream about hiking the WCT. Many people are simply overwhelmed, and Danny and IRIE removed that fear and complication. Handling the transportation, equipment, food and preparation and leadership made the experience so much enjoyable. I like the way IRIE focused on every guest without making you feel that you not particularly strong in certain areas as well as not babying the group. I found the IRIE experience to be easy, fun and excellent value. I found the food tasty particularly lunch on the trail.

Susan B - Florida, USA

As a hiker with a some experience I was a little apprehensive about having a guide but Danny and Jess were just amazing. Irie Adventure Tours is truly a family business and I love that Danny actually goes on the hike with the group. Very well organized too. From picking us up to getting us to Bamfield, post hike he dropped everyone off at respective hotels which is above and beyond any guide.

Love the gear shake down especially for hikers with less experience.The meals are excellent. They do take into account food allergies/ preferences too which is great. Portions were a little small for me but enough to fill you up (I normally eat large portions). Felt that this company has "heart" and are doing what they love. It definitely shows in how they treat each person. I had such encouragement from both guides when I felt like I was struggling. you have a sense of community,, and felt no division. Felt very safe under their watchful eye. Trusted their judgement fully. Would book with them again in a heartbeat.

Suzanne Q - Ireland

We've just come back from the WCT and it was truly a great experience! Danny and the Irie team looked after us so well with great help and advice before and during the hike! The food was great, the pace was perfect and the choice of spots to set up camp simply perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending a tour with Irie Tours to anybody! A great way to experience the great outdoors with people who really love what they do!

Taher R- Canada

The WCT for most people is a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore it is very important to remember this journey with joyful memories of a safe cruise through the challenging and inspirational trails of this path. This is a great opportunity to learn how to respect nature and visit first nations' territory through the trail.

Danny and his team not only guided the group safely through challenging trails but also treated all of the group with warm hospitality and delicious snacks and foods including hot dinners and hot drinks during the whole trip. Imagine quality camp food without missing gourmet home cooked meals, not even for a moment. Danny and his assistant Jessica created an engaging friendly environment on the trail and around camp night fires. They always had smiles on their faces, spreading positive energy around. Through well planned and nicely scheduled daily itineraries and timely breaks, they led everyone safe and sound as an integrated group through this challenging and beautiful iconic trail.

Danny is a fantastic leader and fully responsible guide. He carefully managed the pace of everyone through the daily trails and led the group to daily camp sites on a timely manner all of the time.

I would rate Irie Tour's services for quality leadership, planning, safety, food and set-up of friendly environment high above five stars and decided to call them a group with "Beyond Stars Services".

I am privileged to achieve the honour of completion of WCT hiking with Danny, his team Talia and Jessica, as well as my wonderful and brave hike mates whom each of them had great contribution to make on this journey as one of the most memorable parts of my life. Thank you Danny and Jessica and thank you my brave co-hikers.

I recommend Irie without any hesitation to all travellers who are looking for adventurous and safe trips in the heart of the wilderness. The money paid for this guided hiking was well worth every penny.


Wendy O - Washington, USA

It was truly an amazing experience! Danny, Ryan and Julian were all very professional and knowledgeable and I appreciated their sense of humor. I always felt safe and secure even when challenging myself. This was a very physical and mentally challenging experience that I was able to complete successfully with their assistance.

I would also like to thank Talia for the food (those granola bars were “da bomb”) and for all of the work she did behind the scenes (we always gave you credit when we saw any wildlife).

I appreciated the fact that we started from Bamfield and ended at Port Renfrew based upon the fact that I wouldn’t have wanted to drive the Bamfield road after the hike and also our packs were lighter and our legs/balance stronger closer to the end when we more challenged.

I would do this hike again and will certainly be recommending your services to others! And I would be interested in doing other guided hikes with your company!